What is “9521” Education Angel Fund

Are you still busy following the plans that others are making for each weekend?
Are you still promoting your education vision every day to your boss who has no interest in your vision?
 Are you still thinking about trifles such as mortgages, car loans and interpersonal relationships?
Are you still lamenting that you don’t have any chance to show your talents?

With “9521” you can change this! We will stand firmly behind you and support your dream of education and entrepreneurship! We are positive that your education vision is excellent and will change the fate of a child, a family, a village and a county! In this way, you will own your education concept and your career dreams will come true!

“9”: Nine days. It takes just 9 days from the application to the final signing of the investment agreement. After we receive the application, interviews of the applicant are conducted, with three to four rounds of interviews within 7 days, and the agreement is signed in 9 days.

“5”: A 5-page contract. The entire investment contract is simple and easy to understand. It consists of only 5 pages.

“2”: There are 2 big assistance models. We will provide assistance in company registration and other early stage chores, as well as in selection of entrepreneurial locations or directions.

“1”: A Phase-1 principal training course worth RMB100,000 will be provided, free of charge.

Entrepreneurship mentorship:
 Traditional offline training, online education, full-time schools or kindergartens.

Investment amount:
  RMB3-5 million for a share of 15-20%; If it exceeds this range, separate negotiations will be conducted.

Applicant requirements:

1. Principals, vice principals, subject supervisors, teaching and research supervisors, star teachers, etc. of large listed education companies.

2. Partners and vice presidents of small and medium-sized education companies.

3. Visionary people from other industries who are interested in changing the status quo of education.